Male Fashion Trends – Why Even Bother?

If someone mentions you, do they say you’re stylish? If so, then you’re probably one that keeps up with the latest trends. For some, thinking that men would even bother of considering any type of clothing except a sports jersey and jeans, is borderline of insanity. To these people, we would say that even that lack of fashion sense is still considered a “style”. That being said, what you’re going to read is our opinion of some of the latest fashion trends for men.

Every comes down to one’s personal taste so of course don’t take these ideas as written in stone. A fashionable and creative person can take these elements and add their own twist to result in something worthy of a runway. Also keep in mind that inspiration is all around you since the real world will highlight what works on regular people and not the chiseled norm seen on magazine models.

Faux Fur

faux fur

Fur is back in. Well, we think it never left but of course we are referring to manmade fur, more commonly referred to as faux fur. From full coats to accents in your jacket, faux fur rocks. Sporting a full faux fur jacket does take a certain someone but many styles that mix fur with leather can easily make you the talk of the town. The warmth and comfort of faux fur lining is something that one has to experience before they discard the idea totally.

Wide Brim Hats


In the olden days, men wore hats when going to formal events and no stately gentleman would be caught during the day without one. In today’s modern world, baseball caps have replaced this tradition for daily wear so the practice has died down in popularity to say the least. Today’s fashion forward thinkers have gone on to incorporate some wide brim hats to bring back the aforementioned era, smack dab to demonstrate a modern twist.

Fashion Trainers

fashion trainers

In what fashion book is it illegal to wear sneakers with a suit. For those who like to wear their tailored men’s wear but still want to feel comfortable, the implementation of fashionable trainers has been widely adopted among those who enjoy comfort and style. With big name brand sneaker companies introducing styles geared directly at our market, what’s not to love?

As one can see, we’ve only scratched the surface on some fashionable ideas. As mentioned, incorporate your own fashion sense and throw just one of the things mentioned above to result in something purely amazing.

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Popular Haircuts


In Hairstyles are important part of everyone’s look. It can almost define what you wear and where you go. Hairstyles have become just as trendy as clothes and shoes in the modern day. Celebrities change haircuts to keep up with the trend and stay on top of their game. It’s not just celebrities but many people try to keep up with these trendy popular haircuts.




David Beckham, Elvis Presley and Justin Bieber’s Pompadour Hairstyle

Some haircuts have stood the test of time and media scrutiny to continue staying popular for a long time. While others disappeared just as quickly as they cropped up.

The Pompadour is one of the most popular haircuts that have really worked for many people. It started becoming popular in Elvis Presley’s reign when he made it his signature. Though it has undergone significant evolution since then, it is still braced by many today. David Beckham, perhaps the king of haircuts, got this haircut during a world cup tournament a few years ago and a few days later, the streets were filled with the pompadour all over the world. Justin Bieber¬†has also used this hairstyle in his raise to fame. It has given him the sweet boyish look that has seemed to work for him for a while now. The haircut has worked for so many people because of the numerous variations that can be made from it. A few tweaks here and there and the pompadour looks like it was specifically designed for you. However, it is a high maintenance haircut, it takes quite a bit of time to achieve such prowess. Be ready to spend some time on the hairdo to achieve that look you are looking for.

Leo Dicaprio's Side Part

Leo Dicaprio’s Side Part


The side part is another popular hairdo. It is relatively easy to achieve and you don’t even need a professional hair specialist. Some gel and a comb and you are good to go. It is a very official hairstyle and goes really well with official wear. Made popular by Leonardo DiCaprio the trendy hairstyle has been adopted by many since then.


Rihanna and Keyshia Cole's Undercut

Rihanna and Keyshia Cole’s Undercut

The undercut is a very ragged and masculine hair cut. It is popular among soccer players, especially in Europe. It works really well with a little facial hair to add to the ragged look. It is achieved by trimming the side of the head more than the top. Some ladies have also had the Undercut. Rihanna and Keyshia Cole had the hairstyle and they looked really stunning with it on.

Ludacris' Taper Fade Haircut

Ludacris’ Taper Fade Haircut


Another popular haircut, especially among rappers is the Taper fades. This is the go-to hairstyle for most rappers once they leave the dreads phase and go for a more cultured look. It gives you a more mature look and quite easy to maintain. It requires an electric shaver to trim the hair short, then a cut on the hair edges to give that stylish look.


Brad Pitt's Long Slicked Back Hair

Brad Pitt’s Long Slicked Back Hair


Slicked back is achieved by brushing all the hair to the back of the head. It has a very official feel to it due to its simplicity. It has many variations and the most popular is when the side of the head is shaved but only slightly. It is very popular among people with plenty of hair.



Popular hairstyles keep emerging everyday with people experimenting with new looks and trending celebrities influencing their esteemed fans.

A few more Men’s Hairstyles can be seen in this video below:

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